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Anshan is located in the central part of Liaoning Province. Its longitude is between 122'10'E and 123'13'E, latitude is between 40'27'N and 41'34'N. The longest distance from north to south is 175 kilometers and the wide distance from west to east is 133 kilometers. Its northeastern part is adjacent to Liaoyang County and western part borders on Dawa County and adjoins Dashiqiao City, Zhuanghe City and Fengcheng County in south. Anshan City's center is 89 kilometers from Shenyang City, the capital of Liaoning Province, 96 Kilometers from Benxi City to the east, an area of coal and iron. Dalian is 308 Kilometers in the south, in the southwest there is Yingkou's Bayuquan Seaport which is 120 kilometers away and Penjin is 103 kilometers, in the west.


DalianPerched at the tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, Dalian is surrounded by water on three sides and mountains on the fourth. Dalian is quite unique with its amazing geographical features, and it is because of Dalian's geography, with its two ice-free ports and protective mountains that it was so sought after by the Russians, Japanese, and Chinese alike in the past. More importantly today, the oceans, tree-covered mountains, and natural beauty make Dalian both a travel destination and favorite place of residence for many of these same people.

Dalian is a fairly young city by Chinese standards, but has managed to factor fairly significantly into the history of Northeast China during the last two centuries. Since the late 1890's, Dalian and its surrounding areas have switched hands from China, to Japan, to Russia, back to the Japanese, back to the Chinese and Russians together, and finally entirely back to China in 1955. Wandering the streets of various neighborhoods in Dalian, Russian and Japanese inluence is apparent in much of the architecture, and adds some international flavor to the cityscape.

Dandong Aston

DandongDandong lies on the southeastern border of Liaoning Province, in a region historically known as Manchuria. It is located beside the Yalu River, near the Yellow Sea. The river divides China and North Korea, and Dandong is the main border crossing.

Southern Liaoning is mountainous and forested, enjoying a pleasant climate with four distinct seasons. Summers are quite mild with long hours of daylight; winters are often well-below freezing and bring occasional snow. Spring and autumn are long and pleasant.

Pulandian Aston

PulandianPulandian lies near the coast in Northeast China’s Liaoning Province. Although legally part of Dalian, Pulandian is 72 km north of that metropolis and is easily accessible by an excellent transportation system. Here is a prosperous Chinese city with small town atmosphere, proximity to the ocean, and clean air and blue skies.

The train trip from Dalian into Pulandian is a pleasant one hour journey and the trains travel frequently. As you arrive and walk out onto the main city square there is no doubt that you have entered a place with a much different energy the coastal hub to the south. You will be greeted by dozens of people as you wander the outdoor markets all around you. The hectic bustle of the marketplace, the frantic bargaining for goods, the chaos of the bus and train stations all combine to give the city it’s own personality distinct from the major metropolitan centers of the province.

Shenyang Aston
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ShenyangShenyang is the capital of Liaoning Province and the largest metropolitan centre in Northeast China. This is one of the most important cities in the nation and has been the cultural, economic, and political centre of Manchuria for centuries. It is here that the Manchu people built their capital years before assuming political control of China proper and establishing the Qing Dynasty in 1644. Since that time it has continued to retain considerable prestige as the epicenter of Manchurian culture.

Shenyang is a giant city of more than seven million people. There are visible ethnic communities of Manchu, Mongol, Hui, and Korean peoples operating business and restaurants throughout the city. The Korean influence continues to be particularly strong.





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