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Lianyungang is a small city nestled between the mountains and the sea in Jiangsu Province. During the summer Lianyungang is a popular site for Chinese tourists looking for fun in the sun and delicious seafood.

The city is divided into four districts: the most important two for foreign teachers are Xing Pu where the school is located and Xu Gou, which is by the sea. The beach is easily reached by an 8 yuan / 45 minute bus ride, 30 minute taxi, or a 2 ½ hour bike ride if you’re up for some exercise.

Morning in downtown Lianyungang

Within the city are Hua Guo Shan (Flower & Fruit Mountain – home of the Monkey King), Green Park (a spacious area filled with older people practicing Tai Chi in the mornings), and Hai Zhou Gu Cheng (the older part of the city with ancient Chinese architecture and a small temple). Outside the city are lots of mountains, little villages, and miles of beautiful countryside easily within reach if you have a bike or want to take a bus.

The city has a temperate climate getting down to around 0 degrees Celsius and a little snow in the winter and warming up nicely to 36 degrees in the sunny summertime with a cooling coastal breeze. Although sometimes a bit breezy, fall and spring are beautiful times of year with warm weather and fewer tourists. The consistent breeze keeps the air quality relatively high all year.

BRT Bus stop side view BRT Bus stop entranceLianyungang is big enough city to have all three major modes of transportation – airplane, train, and bus. There are daily flights to Shanghai and Beijing but most people here choose to travel by bus. Shanghai and Qingdao are about seven hours away and there are other cities such as Nanjing and Suzhou within five hours. Xuzhou, just to the west of Lianyungang, is a major rail junction in Eastern China with links and convenient overnight trains to locations throughout the country.Lianyungang center also has a special express bus service called the "BRT". The buses have space age looking bus shelters and a dedicated traffic lane. Travelling the city is quick and easy when taking the BRT.

The local food here is delicious; fresh & cheap seafood, dumplings, noodles, and ‘hot pot’ are all abundant. KFC, McDonalds, and a few Western style restaurants along with several coffee houses are close by for when you need to eat something you recognize. There are also loads of grocery stores where you can usually find cheese and other western delights.

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