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Letter from the CEO

Greetings from Aston,

Aston Educational Group first opened its doors in China in 1996. Since then Aston Educational Group has opened more than 110 centers in China, Vietnam and the US, and employed thousands of foreign teachers. For some teachers, Aston has been a stepping stone to higher education, international business or careers in education. We have had staff leave Aston to continue their education in universities like Harvard, Stanford and UCLA to study MBAs, MAs and PhDs. We have other staff that have gone on to work at Multinationals like Mattel, Boeing, and Accenture. And many staff have gone on to be university teachers. Of course for some staff, Aston is still the place they call home. Our Senior management team has an average of 10 years Aston work experience per employee. We are proud of the staff working to make Aston a great place. We are also proud of the teachers that have worked with us over the years, and excited by the new teachers that continue to join us every semester. We hope you will all take advantage of this once in a life time experience and thoroughly enjoy your adventure with Aston in China and Vietnam.


David Wisner

CEO and Chairman, Aston Educational Group



A Picture of David Wisnr, CEO of AEG

David Wisner
Chairman & CEO

Mr. Wisner is Aston’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He has led the development and expansion of Aston since its inception 18 years ago. Together with Joanna Chen, Nancy Shen, Michael Wisner and other key staff, he was a key part of setting up Aston in 1996, building it from a single two classroom operation to an international educational company. He received his B.A. in English Literature from University of California- Los Angeles.

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