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Intern Jobs in China with Aston

3 Exciting Intern Jobs in China with Aston to Choose From

The Aston Educational Group Intern Jobs in China Program
AEG’s Intern Jobs in China Program offers you the chance of a unique personal and career opportunity that will allow you to gain practical skills in your major and really boost your résumé with international work experience so that you can stand out from other candidates when it comes to that job interview.

The AEG Intern Jobs in China Program offers you the chance to develop a career with AEG in one of the world’s most important, dynamic and fastest growing economies. AEG takes pride in the fact that all our management team, trainers, recruiters, curriculum designers, etc, have all come from initial teaching experience with AEG. Our internship opportunities enable you to use what you have learned, expand your knowledge and benefit from invaluable on the job experience.

You will also receive an Internship Completion Certificate and an Employer Reference Letter. This will certainly help during the post-graduation job search!

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AEG Intern Jobs in China Program 1:
Teaching Children with Aston English in Language Schools Across China

Aston English Intern Jobs in China ProgramAston Intern at Work

  • Delivering high quality English Education for 19 years in China
  • Over 120 schools in 70 cities across 22 provinces
  • Established teacher support systems
  • Over 2500 teachers recruited since 1996
  • Unique personal and career opportunity
  • Guaranteed placement
  • Detailed curriculum


Aston English is one of the largest educators in China, we have schools across the whole of China, from Inner Mongolia to Guizhou, Xinjiang to Jiangsu. This gives you a choice as to the kind of lifestyle you want when you come to experience China. We currently have schools in 7 of the top 20 cities for foreigners to live in China as voted in International Talent Magazine.

Classroom Environment

Aston English classrooms are set up with the learner in mind, from the traditional ESL classroom with traditional chalkboards, to our new style Aston 3.0 classrooms where teachers have access to the latest state of the art classroom equipment featuring interactive whiteboards with audio and video capabilities to libraries and activity rooms where children can use and develop their English in real life situations while also stimulating their creativity.

A detailed and complete curriculum including Teachers’ Books and Classroom materials is provided and class sizes of no more than 18 students aged between 3 and 18

We strive to provide the best possible environment for you so you can deliver quality education to your students.

Aston English Intern with student

Aston English Intern with her students

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AEG Intern Jobs in China Program 2: Teaching Adults in Shenzhen China

Overview: Jiahua language School has internship opportunities at 2 locations in Shenzhen. Both locations are located in busy commercial areas that are easily accessed to by public transportation.

Locations: Shenzhen (Futian District and Nanshan District)
Classroom Environment: As the first adult-education school that teaches both English and Mandarin Chinese in Shenzhen, we provide small-group classes (less than 8 students per class) to students aged 18 to 45. Interns will teach conversational English and some of the Business English curriculum. We work to provide an active environment for students to speak up and interact with their teacher as well as fellow classmates. We develop and use our own Jiahua materials which are provided online to all the teachers; and interns will also be involved in designing and editing in the materials that they are using.

Jiahua Intern on the Job

Jiahua Intern with his Adult students

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AEG Intern Jobs in China Program 3 – American High School Subject Teaching in US High School Dual Diploma Programs

Overview: Aston’s own private high school in San Diego, California, Balboa City School, operates US High School Dual Diploma programs in China designed for Chinese High School students. These programs allow students to receive a US High School Diploma in addition to their Chinese HS Diploma and prepare students for University study in the US.
Locations: Chengdu, Dalian, Quanzhou, Wuxi and more!
Classroom Environment: All teaching takes place within public or private partner high schools in China with class sizes of 15 – 30 students. Teaching is scheduled Monday through Friday.
Materials: American Curriculum for High School subject courses which includes American Literature, Composition, American History, Economics, and SAT/TOEFL Preparation courses.
Desired Candidates: Native English speaking graduate students in education or a related subject.

High School Intern in China on the Job

What’s included in the High School AEG Intern Jobs in China Program

  • Monthly Stipend
  • Free accommodation
  • 6 hours of Mandarin language training per week (group or individual)
  • Free housing in an apartment with private bedroom close to the school
  • 10 vacation days (six month period)
  • Three days off per week
  • Invitation letter for China F-Visa
  • 20 teaching hours per week
  • Welcome kit upon arrival including Phone SIM card and bus or subway card
  • Airport pickup
  • VPN access for six months
  • Comprehensive initial and ongoing training

Training and Development

Along with our students, you, the teachers are our priority. We have spent much time and resources on teacher development and foreign teacher support. We have central and regional offices overseeing all our franchisee and company schools.

Most locations have foreign managers and a line of support to promote fairness and clear communication to break through cultural barriers and reduce misunderstandings. We understand the dynamics of working within a multicultural environment and do our best to make your time in China as comfortable as possible and your experience enjoyable and extraordinary.

Before you start your internship you will undertake a detailed and comprehensive training course. This is an induction and orientation course where the newly employed teachers are introduced to the course books and materials they will be using during the course of their employment. They will also have the opportunity to share ideas in workshops and do practice classes to get them warmed up and to gain some initial classroom experience.

Teacher development is very important to AEG. During the course of your internship you will have the opportunity to request coaching or observe peer classes to help them improve or develop as teachers.

Intern in China High School Class

How to Apply

Secure your internship on the AEG Intern Jobs in China program and receive more information by emailing the Aston Recruitment Department at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , if the link doesn't open your email client, please copy and paste this email address, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and request more information.



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