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Situated in the South West of Inner Mongolia, Dalateqi is a quiet, scenic town with an estimated population of only about 340 000 people. Overall the city is very compact and walking to wherever you need to go is very doable, although there are a host of taxis and buses, which will get you where you need to go pretty cheaply. Travelling to cities outside of Dalate qi is also very convenient. Due to its geographic position midway between Dongsheng and Baotou buses leave every half hour or so for both cities (Baotou and Dongsheng) along the National Highway 210. The Baoshen Railway also connects the city to the rest of Northern China.

Hohhot Aston

HohhotHohhot occasionally spelled Huhehot or Huhhot, is the capital city of the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region in the People's Republic of China. The name "Hohhot" is Mongolian for "Blue City".

A significant amount of the city's population belongs to mixed ethnic origins, although many Mongolians, fluent in Mandarin, have kept their ancestral language alive.

Hohhot is one of the major tourist destinations of Inner Mongolia with the Dazhao Temple, the 5-Pagoda temple, and the ZhaoJun Tomb all high on the list of places to visit. However having visited many historic sites and climbed several famous mountains, you may be eager to experience Inner Mongolia’s grassland life. Thus, Xilamuren or Gegentula Grasslands would be a good choice of places to visit.


The city of Ordos, formerly known as Dongsheng, lies in the southwest of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and has a population, in its greater area, of 1,397,000. Located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, the city is in the hinterland of the Ordos Plateau and is encircled by the Yellow River to the north, the west and the east. It is separated from Shaanxi and Shanxi in the south by the Great Wall. The terrain is higher in the western plateau area and lower in the eastern hilly area. The north part of the city area consists of alluvial plains while the central lands include the Muus and Khoqi Deserts. Ordos and Inner Mongolia are famous for their fertile grasslands.


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Wuhai Aston English School is the newest school to open as part of AIM’s (Aston Invested Managers) regional development of Inner Mongolia, opening in September 2011. Wuhai city sits on the Yellow River in the South West part of the province. It is divided into 3 distinct regions: Haibowan, Wuda and Hainan, Haibowan is the most developed part of the city and is currently undergoing urban renewal and development (as is the case throughout most of China) and is mid-way through building a completely new district to the west of Haibowan, called BinHe, this is where we plan to open our second location in late 2012.


Xilinhot Main Street

Xilinhot, also spelt as XilinHaote, is one of top tourist cities of China. Located in the middle of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region is the Xilin Gol Grasslands, bordering on the Republic of Mongolia in the north and neighbouring Hebei Province in the south. Within the area are vast stretches of natural grasslands and landscapes of sandy land, lakes and volcanic remains, the most typical prairie scenery in Inner Mongolia. It is also one of the main regions where the Mongol ethnic group live in compact communities. The area boasts a great number of historical sites.





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