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Karl Shine

Karl in Dalian, China

  • China: +86 18698699349
  • Ireland: 01 4429097 (Mon-Fri 8.30-17.30 Beijing time)
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Karl is our Human Resources manager. He is from Ireland and has been working in China since 2002. Karl joined Aston as assistant manager in 2008, and became HR manager in 2010.

Eugene Joubert

Eugene in Dalian, China
(Mon-Fri 8.30-17.30)

  • China: +86 18641106902
  • QQ: 2305960282 (International)

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Eugene is from South Africa. He moved to China in early 2008 and has been working with Aston ever since. He started as a teacher before moving into an assistant manager position in Yinchuan. In 2009 he worked as the Deputy City Director of Xi'an until he moved over to Dalian Head Office in early 2011 to work as a full time recruiter.

Stephen Manning

(UK: GMT 9am - 8pm)

  • UK Mobile: +44 7731376033

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Stephen Manning is based in the UK and has taught English in England, Poland, Holland and China. He has worked for Aston for over 10 years in the HR and education departments. Stephen is a member of the CIPD, Britain's body for HR professionals.


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Aston Recruiting Department Member Introduction

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Gavin Parker - Recruitment Manager

Gavin Parker has been with the Aston Educational Group for a number of years. He comes from Australia with experience in sales. He did a few jobs in various cities in China before settling into a career with Aston. He started as a teacher and worked his way through various positions, from assistant manager, to deputy city director and regional manager. He is now the Recruiting Department Manager

Jacqueline Wang - Assistant Manager

Jacqueline is Gavin's assistant in the recruiting department. She has been working in education for over 6 years, and with Aston for over one year. Jacqueline holds a Bachelor's degree in English from Dalian Foreign Language School.


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