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Hefei, the capital of An Hui Province is found in the east of China. It is a land locked province that, like most of China, is still in the midst of being developed. There is a belief in China that cities with 8 digit phone numbers are the most developed and cosmopolitan, whilst cities with 7 digits are still heading towards that goal.

Huaibei Aston

Huaibei is situated at the upriver area of the Huai River water system, and its geographic position is longitude. 116°23′-117°23′ east and latitude. 33°16′-34°14′north. Accordingly. Huaibei has a mild climate, with an urban population of 719,600.

Huainan Aston

Huainan is one of China’s newest energy bases, it is an important industrial city in the Anhui province, which provides over 10,000 industrial products. The main provider is coal mining/ energy plants, and pharmaceutical production, but also produces building materials, textiles, machinery, electronics, light manufacturing, and the constant advancement of new high- tech technology.

Liu'an Aston

Liu'an (simplified Chinese: 六安; pinyin: Lù'ān) is a prefecture-level city in western Anhui province, People's Republic of China, population 2006: 181,303. It borders the provincial capital of Hefei to the east, Huainan to the northeast, Fuyang to the north, Chaohu to the southeast, Anqing to the south, and the province of Henan to the west. Although the character "六"(meaning six) is usually pronounced "Liù", the pronunciation is changed "Lù" because of the variation in the local dialect. The prefecture-level city of Liu'an administers 7 county-level divisions, including 2 districts and 5 counties. Liu'an offers a slice of typical Chinese life and the rapid development of the city as well. It is also a nation-famous garden city and the cradle of China revolution.





March Semester 2014
Various Locations
7 to 9K RMB p/m

  • Free Shared Housing
  • 23 to 28 hour work week
  • No Hidden Hours
  • Sponsored Z Visa
  • Airport Pickup
  • Multiple Provinces
  • Free Chinese Classes
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